Four fellows and their leading lady

This rock inspired band jumbles up funk, soul and poppy vibes. Four fellows and their leading lady gathered through a shared love of fresh tunes in the autumn of 2017, in Leuven. Since, they’ve won a couple of competitions thanks to a solid live performance. In Februari 2018, they formalised their sound with the release of a first EP, titled ‘MM’. Originally inspired by numerous styles, Mushroom Molly's main focus is now sliding towards danceable indie pop.

"Deze band onderscheidt zich vooral door de volheid van zijn geluid. Gitaren, drums en zang spelen niet naast elkaar, maar met elkaar. Een nuance die een wereld van verschil maakt."


"Kristalheldere gitaren, een springerige baslijn, strakke drums en een zangeres om U tegen te zeggen."


"Yeah, the vocals of Mushroom Molly are so good. It’s like a mixture of Chrissy Costanza and Lynn Gunn singing along to funky ladened pop-rock jams. You know in American high-school films where they go to their school dance and there’s a band on stage? That band is Mushroom Molly and this song is perfect for those who are drawn in to laid-back groovy jams."


"What Would Mama Say is a funky, blues rock track that is perfectly complimented by the sweet vocals of Louise Beerts. The whole song is just beautifully crafted, soulful with an almost southern blues vibe that just makes you want to put this on repeat. Definitely a single to have on your playlist."





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